Yamaha BBNE2BL Bass guitar – Review

The Yamaha BBNE2BL is a great tool for anyone interested in a solid, accurate, reliable bass guitar tone. Designed by Yamaha and acoustic bass player for Eric Clapton, legendary rock bass player for many years. For decades the Yamaha BB series basses have set the standard in solid, reliable bass tone, delivering a tone that remains faithful to its ancestors for decades. This new BB model takes on the same tradition with a new slim-lined, solid wood body topped with high-gloss maple for unparalleled performance, unmatched tonal purity, and supreme comfort.

Yamaha BBNE2BL

When looking at the tonal balance of the new models from Yamaha, it is immediately evident that Yamaha has listened to their past attempts at building solid basses and rectified them. Even though these newer models attempt to be modern in appearance, they still maintain a sense of class that resonates with the players. They are pleasing to the ear and deliver a sense of solid tonal balance. Although some bass players may not be fans of the big bass sound of the Yamaha models, there is no doubt that the tonal balance of this solid wood body compliments the music of nearly all genres. The distinct low octave response of the Yamaha models helps to build a consistent bass tone that can be used and appreciated by anyone.

Another popular feature among Yamaha basses is their durability. They have long been known for the rugged playability of their products and this also applies to their new BB models. These basses are made with a hardwood body and are solid and powerful. The solid wood construction means that this model will stand up to years of daily abuse from even the most dedicated bass players. With many solid bass guitar models lasting only a few years, the Yamaha models are designed to last a lifetime.

There are also some additional features that come standard on the newer models from Yamaha. One of the most requested features is a foot pedal added to the control knobs. This pedal adds a sense of authenticity when you are playing along with another player and the effect is immediate as well. Other standard features on all models is the availability of a tuner and metronome.

Some more affordable models are available from Yamaha BBN model line. They are less expensive than some of the other more popular models from Yamaha and they still include all the same features and benefits. However, the solid hardwood construction and the tone that they create are unlike any other you will find on the market today. For those players that want to take their bass playing to the next level but do not want to spend a fortune on it, these models will give them everything they need in sound and playability. Even though it is priced somewhat lower than the others, you cannot sacrifice the quality that is present in all of Yamaha’s models.

You will find that the Yamaha BBN model also comes in a few different variations. The first variation is the “Studio Deluxe” which offers a padded carrying case, leather carrying strap, a power cord, and an adjustable truss rod. The other variations are the” Concert” and the” Premier”. Both of these models offer the same padded carrying cases, a double headphone jack, chrome drawer pulls, chrome knobs, and an easy to read and understand operating manual. The “Concert” model offers all of the same features but also has a five-way manual and audio turn-on preamp.