What Are Stonegate’s Specialties?

Stonegate Legal services is a Toronto real estate paralegal service that only handle issues involving the Landlord and Tenant Board, property tax matters and small claims issues. Stonegate is committed to helping their clients find the right lawyer for their specific need and is available to assist anyone who needs it.

Stonegate specializes in real estate law and helps to resolve issues between the landlord and tenants. Their services include the drafting of the contract, reviewing and editing the contract to make sure that the details are correct, drafting and reviewing the rental agreement, reviewing and editing the security deposit agreement and reviewing and editing the final closing documents. These are all things that a landlord or tenant needs to know. They also help to prepare the tenant’s credit report for the landlord if needed and they prepare and file all of the tenant’s credit agreements, such as credit agreements for automobiles and credit cards, along with other important documents related to their employment and finances.

Stonegate has its own office located in Toronto and they provide online resources to help their clients manage their legal affairs as well as legal forms to help the client get the maximum benefit from the service they are getting from Stonegate. The main focus of Stonegate services is to help the clients with legal issues. The clients will have all of their papers ready when they come in to their appointment and they can go through their paperwork at their own pace. This means that they can get the benefit of being able to review and edit their papers when they need to and not be limited by the paper work that was provided by Stonegate when they first came in to the office.

Stonegate provides many other legal services as well as other kinds of legal advice and they handle many different types of cases. The clients of Stonegate will have a chance to discuss their case with their lawyer, in person, over the phone or online through email. If a client does not feel comfortable with their lawyer, they can also speak to their attorney by phone or online. and they can ask any questions that are pertinent to their situation and then have the lawyer’s opinion.

Stonegate provides its clients with legal forms and documents that they can download so that they can prepare their own documents for filing and for their case. They will be able to print out copies for their files and give them to their landlords and tenants and send them by email or through post to ensure that their landlord or tenant is aware of what they are doing.

Stonegate can also help their clients with the preparation of a land contract in real estate if that is required for the sale of a property. The forms for this process are different from any other form and have to be prepared and filed by hand. Their goal is to make sure that the realtor can sell a house or a piece of property on time and that the seller knows that Stonegate will not take over the selling of the property. They will also help with preparing mortgage documents, which include all of the documents related to the transaction, like promissory notes, deeds, mortgages, title insurance and the purchase price, and other paperwork.