Quality Ceramic Car Coating

By definition, a quality ceramic coating is a car detailing product designed to protect and preserve both interior and exterior surfaces against common auto blemishing products. Primarily comprised of titanium oxide and silica, these two materials together to form a water-based covalent bond which forms a nano-ceramic barrier over the automobile’s clear paint surface. The bonding agents act to keep dirt and debris from building up on the clear surface as well as repel water and moisture so the car remains looking its best.

The main goal of applying a protective coating is to create a durable finish that lasts for years, without requiring refinishing or application of another high performance car detailing product. The coatings are applied to make a vehicle appear as new and retain its original cleanliness.

The coatings are available in a wide array of colors and shades and come in a variety of thicknesses, and can even be used on cars that are coated with paint. While a car detailing professional may be able to apply the right type of coating on your vehicle, the process can still become tedious and time consuming for someone who is not trained to apply and maintain a professional finish.

A number of companies offer the service of applying a car’s clear paint to give it a fresh new look and to restore the car to its former glory. These companies are able to provide a professional finish and protection against potential damage and issues associated with a car’s clear paint. Many of these companies also offer the convenience of applying the paint to a car over a period of time, in order to give the finish a chance to cure completely, and to avoid re-applying the clear coat while waiting for the finish to cure.

For instance, if you happen to notice a small scratch or chip on the auto glass window of your car, a car detailing company can apply a layer of clear paint over the scratch before curing the rest of the clear coat and then reapplying the clear coat over the scratch once the repair has been completed. This allows the car’s paint to properly bond with the clear finish.

If you would like to have a small chip repaired before the repair is applied to your auto glass window, you will want to contact your car detailing company to see if they can provide you with the necessary clear coat for repairing the chip without having to replace the entire clear coat. If the chip is not significant, you may want to leave the chip alone and apply the clear coat to the chip, since the repair may not be sufficient to fix the chip on its own.